Success for Five Rivers at World Pairs Qualifiers


Sunday 24 September saw the qualifiers for the World Pairs competition, held at Potters in January 2018, played at the Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club in Poole. 16 pairs took to the stage to battle it out to earn their place as the Dolphin qualifier at Potters on 12 January.

As the day reached the semi-finals stage Five Rivers had three players still remaining in the competition. Tom Warner (Five Rivers), partnered with Scott Edwards (Oxford City & County), were drawn to play Shaun Jones (Malvern Hills) and Neil Collett (Clarrie Dunbar). Whilst in the other semi-final Jordan Moody and Jamie Reynolds (both Five Rivers) were drawn to play last year’s finalists Paul Sharman and Andy McIntyre (both Carterton).

Both semi-finals went down to a tie break with both Five Rivers’ representatives winning their matches in tightly fought contests.

The final was a nice affair for both pairs as Tom, Jordan and Jamie all knew that at least one Five Rivers player was going to make it to Potters this year. Tom and Scott started very strongly taking the first set 10-4, however the second set proved to be a much tighter affair with Tom and Scott narrowly getting over the line 7-6.

Tom and Scott now attend Potters on 12 January to battle it out with the three other English qualifiers (Bromley, Lincoln and Cumbria) to earn their place in the Last 8 of the World Pairs.

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