Success in Egham Trophy


On Sunday 15 October a mixed team consisting of eight men and eight ladies played the first round match in the National Egham Trophy competition against Eastleigh-based side, Banister Park. This is the first year since 2010/11 that the Club has entered this competition which is an indication of the strength of existing and new players at the club and Five Rivers were determined to not fall at the first hurdle.

At 5 ends Five Rivers led 25-9 overall due to strong starts from the home rink skipped by Tom Warner (12-2) after taking a 7 on the second end and the away rinks skipped by Nick Revell (7-0) and Jamie Reynolds (6-1). This lead continued into 10 ends where Five Rivers led 38-23 with Tom continuing to an 18-3 lead and Nick continuing with a 9-3 lead. The gap narrowed slightly over the next 5 ends with the overall scores at 55-42. However, the next 3 ends saw a flurry of activity with Five Rivers winning the 3 ends 21-8 overall. The game came to an early conclusion with the Banister Park home rinks conceding at 20 ends.

Five Rivers 82 – Banister Park 63 (Five Rivers teams first):

Home Rinks

Mary Brown, Ros Corke, Jordan Moody, Tom Warner vs S Rice won 29-14
Carol Francis, Lynne Stanford, Ashley Plumb, Graham House vs B Dibden lost 12-23

Away Rinks

Ann Humphries, Jenny McShane, Dennis Shipp, Nick Revell vs P May won 23-16
Janice Bull, Janice Rowe, Brian Merritt, Jamie Reynolds vs B Barber won 18-10

Five Rivers now face Loddon Vale in the next round on Sunday 29 October.


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