Five Rivers Open Singles Circuit


The Five Rivers Open Singles Circuit event to be held on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March 2018 opened yesterday for entries. Response has been fantastic and we have received over 40 entries already so get your entry in quick!

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Children in Need fun afternoon a success


On Sunday 19 November several children visited the club for a fun afternoon in aid of raising money for Children in Need. It was the first time the club has done something like this and we received several positive comments and managed to raise £74 for Children in Need, which is a fantastic effort! Next year the club wants to make it bigger and better and so your support is greatly appreciated.

Photo from the day

England Senior Trial for Five Rivers player


Congratulations to Tom Warner who has been offered an England Senior Trial this year. The trial will be held at Rugby Thornfield bowls club in Warwickshire on Saturday 2 December at 2pm. Five Rivers would like to wish him every success.

The full list of trial players can be found here on the EIBA website.

Club Competitions 2017-18


The Club Competitions for 2017-18 have now been drawn and are available to view in the Club and on the website here.

This year we are also introducing several Bounty Hunter prizes – please see the poster here for further details.

Children in Need recruitment afternoon


Our JUNIOR CLUB are holding a recruitment afternoon on Sunday 19th November from 3 – 5 pm. Described as a Family Fun afternoon to encourage any youngsters to try bowls. There will be free refreshments (tea and coffee), bowls games and a raffle. All proceeds are going to the BBC Children in Need appeal so any help (money) or simply getting involved, speak to Marian, Fraser, Jamie, Mike, Louise (07848 181165) or Jack. Posters will be up in the Club and Louise has placed adverts in the Wilton area, a couple of local schools, the library and Spire FM but you can pass the message to any family you think might be interested.

Children in Need poster

Terrific Top Club performance


This morning saw the second round of the National Mixed Top Club played at Bournemouth IBC. Bournemouth have been fantastic in this competition in recent years winning the national title in 2012/13, national semi-finalists in 2013/14 and national runner up in 2014/15.

The Five Rivers team knew this was going to be one of the toughest matches they had played in recent years but set off to Bournemouth in good spirits knowing that a win would fill them with confidence in the matches to play.

The men’s two wood singles was played first as Alan Geary from Bournemouth had to leave early. Five Rivers’ current club champion, Jordan Moody, set the pace early taking a 7-1 lead drawing close and consistently. The two wood singles now played over 18 ends was over very quickly with Jordan showing a demonstration of clinical precision winning the match 17-9 and securing 2 points for Five Rivers in the match.

Unfortunately the ladies’ two wood singles was a one-sided affair but for Bournemouth this time. Bournemouth’s stalwart singles player Sue Dadson played fantastic bowls from start to finish, not letting Five Rivers’ Ann Humphries even a look in and Sue took the match 22-5, but more importantly securing 2 points for Bournemouth.

The mixed pairs saw the regular Five Rivers duo of Janice Rowe and Tom Warner play against Mixed Pairs National Finals regulars Julie Hudson and Chris Daniels. The Bournemouth pair started off brilliantly taking a 13-3 lead after 11 ends. However, ‘unlucky 13’ proved to be the case with some big bowls from Five Rivers saw them pick up six unanswered shots and bring the scoreline closer at 13-9 after 14 ends. Despite a single from Bournemouth on end 15, the Five Rivers due pulled out two big counts of 3 and 4 on ends 16 and 17 to take a 16-14 lead going into the final end. After 7 bowls from each side the state of play was Bournemouth holding the two shots needed to tie the match. However, a big final bowl from Tom saw him promote his own bowl onto the white and give the shot to Five Rivers. Unfortunately this only left one of Tom’s bowls in the head with Bournemouth having two seconds – Chris then played a fantastic attacking bowl to remove Tom’s from the head and pick up three shots to win 17-16 and 4 points.

The next match to finish was the mixed fours consisting of Five Rivers newcomer Jenny McShane, Joan Coleman, Jamie ‘Jock’ Reynolds and Nick Revell against Joan Halliwell, Liz Messer, Barry Coates and John O’Donnell. This match started in a similar fashion to the pairs with Bournemouth taking an early 7-0 lead after 3 ends and continuing in this way with a 13-5 lead after 8 ends. However, the Five Rivers’ foursome started to play great bowls with some fantastic conversion shots from the back end saw them pick up nine unanswered shots over the next five ends to take a 14-13 lead after 13 ends. Despite a single from Bournemouth on the fifteenth end, the Five Rivers four saw out the match 18-15 and picking up a crucial 4 points.

With the match now stood at 6 points a piece the match all rested on the result of the mixed triples, with Five Rivers knowing that they must get a win as a draw would not be enough due to Bournemouth’s superior shots scored. At the halfway point the Five Rivers’ triple of Janice Bull, Graham House and Fraser Boynton trailled 11-7 to Bournemouth’s Jean Arnaud, Craig Patterson and Dave Kerr. However, in the same spirit as the other disciplines exhibited the Five Rivers’ threesome played some big bowls to take a 16-14 lead after 15 ends. The next end saw Dave’s final bowl executed perfectly by removing Graham’s bowl from the head and picking up a big count of 4 shots to take a 18-16 lead with two ends to play. However, the Five Rivers’ team spirit was not dampened and the next end proved to be a big one – on Dave’s first bowl, with Five Rivers holding shot, a perfectly timed attacking bowl saw the jack hit four yards to the back of the rink. Luckily, for Five Rivers one of Janice’s bowls at the back was in a perfect spot to hold shot when Dave trailled the jack through. Fraser’s first bowl was drawn beautifully securing a near enough back toucher to an off-centre jack to hold two shots. Dave’s bowl was overplayed and floated through to the back and Fraser drew another shot jack high. Luckily for Five Rivers Dave’s last bowl was short and tight and enabled Fraser to draw a crucial fourth shot to take a 20-18 lead into the final end. The last end, watched by the remainder of both teams and several supporters, proved to be a nail biting affair for both sides. Graham’s first bowl was played beautifully to draw the shot about three inches away, however Craig, not to be outdone, played a beautiful forehand draw for shot about two inches away. The head stayed this way until Graham’s last bowl in which a wonderful forehand draw saw him land right on the jack for shot – then it was time for Five Rivers to go defensive. Fraser played a brilliant back bowl splitting all of the Bournemouth bowls up and played a blocker which was in the eye line, although slightly further adrift than Fraser would have liked. Despite Dave’s best efforts Five Rivers kept the shot, took the last four points and took the match 10-6.

The team spirit, enthusiasm and bowling ability was fantastic with all Five Rivers players exhibiting clinical control and precision. Five Rivers now host Victory A in the next round on Sunday 7 January.

Denny Cup disappointment


On Saturday 4 November the Men’s team played Atherley in the second round of the National Denny Cup competition. This match always looked to be a tough match and tough it was. At 5 ends the match looked quite positive with Tom Warner’s rink at Atherley taking an early 12-0 lead and the other rinks skipped by Nick Revell (at Atherley), Jamie Reynolds and Fraser Boynton (at Five Rivers) all quite close.

However, the next 5 ends proved to be crucial with Atherley playing some big bowls and consistent drawing saw them rack up the shots and take a convincing lead at 10 ends. Unfortunately for Five Rivers this onslaught continued and Atherley ran out winners 86-63 winners.

Rink scores as below (Five Rivers skips first):

Jamie Reynolds lost to Martin Wise 15-23
Fraser Boynton lost to Micky Barrett 15-22
Tom Warner lost to Stuart Rowney 17-19
Nick Revell lost to Gary Carter 16-22

Five Rivers 63 – Atherley 86

Disappointment in Egham Trophy


On Sunday the Five Rivers mixed team played Loddon Vale in the second round of the National Egham Trophy. The match started off much as anyone expected with Loddon Vale playing some very good bowls early on and taking a 21-10 lead across the four rinks after 5 ends (this included a brilliant 4 being taken off Jamie Reynolds’ rink away and 5 shots taken off Tom Warner’s rink at home).

However, in typical Five Rivers’ fashion the gears were turned up and at 10 ends the gap had been reduced to a mere five shots (31-26) with Tom’s rink taking a 9-7 lead, the other home rink skipped by Fraser Boynton narrowly trailing 8-6, Nick Revell’s rink winning 7-5 and Jamie’s rink trailing 11-4. The next five ends continued in a similar fashion with Five Rivers now trailing 47-41 at 15 ends. However, the next 3 ends proved to be the nail in the coffin with Fraser’s rink dropping 6 unanswered shots, Nick’s rink losing 6-1 over the three ends, Tom’s rink winning two ends with single counts and a dropping a single, but Jamie’s opposing skip, Neil Clarke, playing a fantastic shot to collect 6 shots on the eighteenth end to take a 21-8 lead.

The next three ends, the Five Rivers’ team tried everything to narrow the gap with a brilliant 4 collected by Tom’s rink and a big final push from Jamie’s rink, but unfortunately they couldn’t quite get over the line. Despite a disappointing result there is a lot of positives to take from this, the main one being that on a return to the competition after seven years out, the mixed team are competing with established clubs and ‘knocking on doors’. Plenty more to look forward to from Five Rivers!

Five Rivers 62 shots – Loddon Vale 78 shots

Mary Brown/Ros Corke/Jordan Moody/Tom Warner beat Trevor Morgan 21-12
Ann Humphries/Joan Coleman/Ashley Plumb/Fraser Boynton lost to Doug Morgan 12-21
Janice Bull/Janice Rowe/Brian Merritt/Jamie Reynolds lost to Neil Clarke 15-24
Dawn Toomer/Jenny McShane/Clive Bowhill/Nick Revell lost to Geoff Green 14-21