Disappointment in Egham Trophy


On Sunday the Five Rivers mixed team played Loddon Vale in the second round of the National Egham Trophy. The match started off much as anyone expected with Loddon Vale playing some very good bowls early on and taking a 21-10 lead across the four rinks after 5 ends (this included a brilliant 4 being taken off Jamie Reynolds’ rink away and 5 shots taken off Tom Warner’s rink at home).

However, in typical Five Rivers’ fashion the gears were turned up and at 10 ends the gap had been reduced to a mere five shots (31-26) with Tom’s rink taking a 9-7 lead, the other home rink skipped by Fraser Boynton narrowly trailing 8-6, Nick Revell’s rink winning 7-5 and Jamie’s rink trailing 11-4. The next five ends continued in a similar fashion with Five Rivers now trailing 47-41 at 15 ends. However, the next 3 ends proved to be the nail in the coffin with Fraser’s rink dropping 6 unanswered shots, Nick’s rink losing 6-1 over the three ends, Tom’s rink winning two ends with single counts and a dropping a single, but Jamie’s opposing skip, Neil Clarke, playing a fantastic shot to collect 6 shots on the eighteenth end to take a 21-8 lead.

The next three ends, the Five Rivers’ team tried everything to narrow the gap with a brilliant 4 collected by Tom’s rink and a big final push from Jamie’s rink, but unfortunately they couldn’t quite get over the line. Despite a disappointing result there is a lot of positives to take from this, the main one being that on a return to the competition after seven years out, the mixed team are competing with established clubs and ‘knocking on doors’. Plenty more to look forward to from Five Rivers!

Five Rivers 62 shots – Loddon Vale 78 shots

Mary Brown/Ros Corke/Jordan Moody/Tom Warner beat Trevor Morgan 21-12
Ann Humphries/Joan Coleman/Ashley Plumb/Fraser Boynton lost to Doug Morgan 12-21
Janice Bull/Janice Rowe/Brian Merritt/Jamie Reynolds lost to Neil Clarke 15-24
Dawn Toomer/Jenny McShane/Clive Bowhill/Nick Revell lost to Geoff Green 14-21

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