Halfway point in season for club domestic leagues


As we have reached the halfway point in the Winter season for domestic leagues, we have taken a moment to highlight some notable efforts in the leagues:

Monday 11.30am Open Triples
Tyros, captained by Bill Docherty, have had a very impressive start to the season winning 12 out of their 13 matches. They are 6 points clear of second place team Cormorants, captained by Brian Johnson.

Monday 7pm Open Fours
Hawkes, captained by Ann Humphries, also have had a very impressive start to the season winning 11 out of  their 13 matches and a shot difference of +128  shots! They are 5  points clear of second place team Pirates, captained by Brian Heather.

Tuesday 9.30am Open Triples
A slightly reduced league in terms of numbers of teams has meant this league has become a lot more competitive. Just 3 points separates first place team Pepperbox, captained by Brian Heather on 16 points, and third place team Falcons, captained by David Hands, on 13 points. Second place goes to Swifts, captained by Margaret Griffin, who sit only 1 point behind league leaders Pepperbox.

Tuesday 7pm Open Fours
What was previously regarded as one of  the most competitive leagues has dropped off in recent years. Down from 8 teams last year to only 6 teams this year, and a small change in personnel, has meant that league leaders, Stones (who won the league last year), captained by Dennis Shipp, are 7 points clear of second place Mixtures, captained by Ian Duckett, who are on 14 points. A commendation goes to the Silly Squids, captained by Jamie Reynolds, who have introduced the club’s youngest members to the league with two players having a combined age of 20 years old!

Wednesday 7pm Open Triples
What is now considered the ‘strongest’ league there are three teams all competing for top honours. League leaders, Young Ones, captained by Nick Revell, top the league with 11 wins from 13 matches and an impressive +138 shot difference. They are 4 points clear of second place Hornets, captained by Tom Warner, although Hornets do have a game in hand and so may be able to close the gap at the top to  just 2 points. Third place team, Aardwolf, captained by Fraser Boynton, are close on the Hornet’s heels with 16 points and a better shot difference.

Thursday 9.30am Open Triples
This league features 7 teams and so is one of the best attended leagues for the club. Rotors, captained by David Chapman, top the league with an impressive 10 wins from 11 games and a +109 shot difference. They find themselves 7 points clear of second place Greens, captained by Jack Stone.

Thursday 7pm Open Fours
Disappointingly, another small league with only 5 teams fighting it out this season. Top honours go to Robins, captained by Mike Crane, with 16 points with second place Rakers,  captained by Stuart Mason, coming in on 11 points. Third place Rogues, captained by Phil Savage, are only 1 point behind Rakers and so still all to play for this season.

Friday 9.30am Open Triples
This league is the most full league of the week featuring 8 teams and using all 4 rinks – something we hope to see more of next season! This year, as in previous years, top honours go to Beejays, captained by Ken Jefferies, with 11 wins and 1 draw out of their first 13 matches. This sees them top the league with 23 points and an impressive +149 shot difference. Second place is currently Eagles, captained by Brian Johnson, who have 9 wins and 18 points.