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In 1982, several bowlers contemplated starting an indoor bowls club in Salisbury.  Many venues were looked at, but it was in early 1984 that Ivan Harvey received an unexpected telephone call from Mike Trapnell who said that he wished to open a snooker club in Salisbury but that the building he had in mind was too large.

A feasibility study was carried out which showed that a four rink indoor bowls club was a viable proposition. It was agreed that a bowls facility should be set up as a sub-let from the Snooker Club, in the warehouse vacated by Warriners Cash and Carry, Tollgate Road, Salisbury.

In December 1984 the Five Rivers Indoor Bowls Club was launched with founder members paying in £25 each as a joining fee. During that first year the Club was fitted out and a bowling carpet laid, the Club finally opened for bowling on 28th September 1985 and by October there were approximately 275 members and the official opening was held on 12th October 1985 at 10.30am.

Photographs of many of the transformations from the original Cash and Carry Warehouse to the present day facilities can be seen in the Club.

Founder Members

Mr W Gourlay, Mr I Harvey, Mr B Heather, Mr J Hill, Mr L Keene, Mrs P Keene, Mr L Moody, Mrs J Phillips, Mr G B Pike, Mr G F Pike, Mr P Riches, Miss I Sanders, Mr C Sheppard, Mr D Shipp, Mr R Stedman, Mrs E Wright

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